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Scale - Figma Design System

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Scale - Figma Design System

Christopher Deane
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Design Better, Deliver Faster

A Figma Design System that helps individuals and organisations Scale.

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28/05/23: Version 1.8.0 released!

Check out what's new and improved in the changelog here.


Automatic mode and type-face switching

Scale uses Design Tokens and the Themer plugin to switch between Light and Dark modes, and also Web, iOS and Android type-faces automatically.

  • This is made possible by Color and Semantic Tokens that drive how color is applied to elements in your UI
  • It’s also possible with only one set of components. You no longer have to create a Light and Dark version of them

Mobile first, but ready for anything

  • Scale starts with a baseline set of components that can be used for apps and the web
  • It extended this set initially with iOS components that allow you to design for apps faster

Figma goodness

  • Each component is crafted with absolute accuracy and adherence to an 8pt scale
  • Auto layout and properties are baked in, along with properties and nested properties

The future of Scale

  • Scale will continue to be supported with upcoming Youtube content on my channel
  • Free to members and premium UI Kits will also be released, showing what what is possible with Scale
  • Most importantly, you only have to pay once. As Scale grows, you grow


Everyone who buys Scale gets invited to join the Discord Community, where you can:

  • Ask questions and give feedback (I’ll respond when I’m available)
  • Take part in polls that will help shape what Scale becomes
  • Share what you’ve created with Scale
  • Get you know other members

What’s inside?

321 Global styles

Light and Dark mode themes. Web, iOS and Android type-faces, effect styles and layout grids.

69 Components, thousands of possibilities

From Buttons, Input fields to Nav and Tab Bars. All with Auto Layout and Figma Properties.

Other design systems count properties or variants in their component counts, Scale doesn’t. A Button is a single component, even if you can create 100 versions of it.

296 Icons

Scale comes with a baseline set, then teaches you how to create your own so you only ever have what you need.

2 Free UI Kits

Scale.Chat and Scale.madewithscale

Why Scale?

Since 2013, I’ve been focussed on scaling design and development for international organisations of different sizes. Over that time, I noticed that the fundamentals of design systems are similar and you can create a global system that can empower individuals and organisations to scale successfully.

Scale is that system.

It takes everything I’ve learnt from creating and contributing to design systems, and brings it together in a way that keeps things simple, reduces complexity, enables theme switching through semantic tokens and does so in a direct and pragmatic way. It’s the system I use today for the companies I work for and the clients I partner with, and now, it can be yours.

I’m confident that once you learn how to wield Scale, it’ll give you what design systems have given me over the years, a new found joy in your work and a way to create consistent customer experiences. To design better and deliver faster.

Before you buy

Figma and Libraries

Libraries inside Figma can only be published inside a team, if you are planning on using Scale as an external library then consider the following points, all of which are limitations of Figma, not Scale itself.

  • If you are on a free Figma plan and have created a team, you will only be able to publish Scale’s styles
  • If you would also like to use Scale’s components, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan
  • If you would like to stay on a free Figma plan, you can always duplicate it for every project and design inside it locally

Licence Agreement

Also make sure you read the Licence Agreement before completing your purchase.

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