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Design Better, Deliver Faster

A Figma Design System that helps individuals and organisations Scale.

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26/11/23: Version 2.3.0 released!

Check out the changelog here.


Design landing pages fast with responsive web modules

32 web modules, hundreds of outcomes that all reflow automatically when resized.

  • Hero, Feature, Logo, Pricing, CTA and FAQ modules for web design
  • Use with breakpoint variables to instantly create tablet and mobile designs
  • Landing page examples that show you what you can create

Switch modes automagically

Automatic light to dark mode with one set of components. Powered by Figma Variables.

Saving the world with Semantic Tokens

They represent the role that each color plays in the interface.

  • Simplify the application of color in your designs
  • Speak the same language as your developers
  • Reduce design and development debt

Properties, Nested Instances, Variants, they're all here

Save design time with components that come with properties and nested instances.

  • Select a component, dial up the outcome you want, swap nested instances, its that easy
  • Gain 1:1 parity with your developers with properties that match what you’ll use in code

What’s inside?

191 Variables

Color, Semantic, Spacing and Border Radius variables.

2900+ Components and Variants

Thousands of possibilities with variants and properties.

307 Icons

Scale comes with a baseline set, then teaches you how to create your own so you only ever have what you need.

2 Free UI Kits

Scale.Chat and Scale.madewithscale

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Scale - Figma Design System

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